Michelle Koszuta

Michelle Koszuta

Manager, Business Services

The behind-the-scenes magician.

You won’t see Michelle on-site managing meeting operations, but rest assured, her behind-the-scenes oversight of our day-to-day business flow and special projects is what keeps us all on track. Her former experience as supervisor of a litigation process department makes Michelle a master of project management, and with her keen eye on the details, she’s the quality control that turns great work into excellent work. The next time your project is in our hands, Michelle will be working to keep everyone on task and ensuring that deadlines are met.

When she’s not focused on work, you’ll find Michelle spending time with her husband and their son, with whom she enjoys a life of love and laughter.

What's your favorite past-time?

Doing anything with my husband and our son! I also like to read, write, and be crafty.

Do you have a pet?

We have a half-Siamese cat named Pup, and we just got two kittens named Sparkle and Chestnut.

Favorite city?

St. Petersburg, FL- where my husband and I went for our honeymoon.

If you were to star in a TV show, which one?

Earlier seasons of The Office.