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venue sourcing
Venue Sourcing

The right environment produces the best outcomes. Your objective may be to motivate, educate, or incentify your audience. In order to do so, you’ll need...

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Meeting Services

Let us prepare for all the possibilities. Time is money when managing business meetings. You don’t want 100 attendees waiting on coffee, food, or beverages...

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NHS eventtech featured
Event Technology

Superb data provides improved engagement and results. Conference apps, digital registration, and beacon technology allow attendees to better segment and follow up with presenters, exhibitors,...

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sunny beach with chairs
Incentive Travel

Incentive travel is a form of currency. Nothing motivates a business development team or a sales department quite like an exotic trip or an opportunity...

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Destination Services

Local expertise makes every experience better. Where would you take people in your hometown to show them the time of their lives? When guests visit...

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Trade Shows

The (trade) show must go on. Every successful trade show is developed and executed on the strength of countless moving parts behind the scenes. Whether...

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NHS associationmgmt featured
Association Management

Your association may be nonprofit, but it still has to be run professionally. It’s not feasible for every nonprofit association to hire a full-time staff,...

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NHS consulting featured

Recommendations and execution go hand-in-hand. You can hire your own full-time staff, rent office space, purchase computers, and manage human relations. Or you can leverage...

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NHS Global Events excels at contracting and supplier management.

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