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Matt Brolley

Senior Coordinator, Business Development

The Supportive Sponge

With no prior experience in the industry, Matt joins NHS Global Events with open eyes, open ears, and an eagerness to learn as much as he can! Working within different departments on a variety of projects may keep him busy, but he will never hesitate to express his excitement to learn about it all.

Stemming from playing sports 24/7 growing up, Matt highly values the idea of a team and showcases it through his dedication to helping anybody on the NHS Global Events team whenever and however. From growing up working as a golf caddy and as a bartender while in college, Matt knows all too well the importance of building relationships and strives to improve that skill each and every day.

Graduating in 2022 at the prestigious Missouri School of Journalism, Matt brings in writing, marketing, and organizational skills that can apply to various aspects within the company. Matt was also awarded the Chick Evans Scholarship in college and is a proud member of the Evans Alumni organization.

Currently residing in Chicago, Matt enjoys golfing, watching sports, going on road trips across the country, and trying new bars when he is outside of work.

What’s your favorite past-time?

As simple as it sounds, going to baseball games during the summer. Chicago is blessed to have two fun stadiums to go which is awesome, but I also enjoy traveling to other ballparks around the country.

Do you have a pet? Name and what they are.

I do not have a pet but I am hoping to get a dog soon!

Favorite city?

Traverse City, Michigan — the small businesses in the downtown area only add to the already great experience with terrific scenery and beautiful weather.

If you were to star in a TV show, which one?

Game of Thrones, I think that I would come up with a perfect plan to take the Iron Throne.

Why you love working in the events industry.

Because I get to assist in providing great and fun events for people which will always put a smile on my face!