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Allison Hines

Sr. Account Manager, Meeting Operations

The secret weapon.

A graduate of Bowling Green State University where she studied marketing and international business, Allison discovered her love of travel while visiting 19 countries during her semester abroad in France, and now strives to visit a different country every year.

Allison cherishes her ability to connect with others and loves to listen and get to know everyone she interacts with. Outgoing and positive, Allison brings her love of people to her role at NHS Global Events and is a testament that our clients aren’t getting just one person to work with when they partner with us, but a whole team of passionate people.

What's your favorite past-time?

During the summer I love going to the beach, camping in Wisconsin and spending every moment outside that I can. In the fall I like exploring the city and going apple picking with my family. I also enjoy finding a good book to read and spending time with my friends.

Do you have a pet? Name and what they are.

I have one dog, a Pomeranian Poodle Mix named Maddie and she is 8 years old.

Favorite city?

This is a hard question for me because I love so many of the cities I have visited. My favorite city in the United States is Chicago. I have lived here my whole life and I fall in love with the city more and more every year. My favorite city outside of the United States is Paris. After studying French for over 7 years, it was on the top of my list to visit when I studied abroad. It’s a perfect city to visit over and over again and I could spend hours at the Eiffel tower.

If you were to star in a TV show, which one?

If I were to star in one show it would have to be Grey’s Anatomy. I have been watching the show since it started and love the characters and the crazy story lines. I think it would be a lot of fun to be a part of the show.