Profile: View, Inc.

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Profile: View, Inc.

Probably the most wonderful thing about architecture in the 21st century is the creation of spaces that are open, airy and filled with plenty of natural light. And that can also be one of the most challenging parts of living and working in these buildings.The sun can create blinding glare, uncomfortable heat and amazing discomfort.

That’s what led NHS Global Events’ client View, Inc. to create smart windows.

A recent article in The New York Times described View’s products like this:

“When the sun shines, a coating between the double panes of glass will darken, like self-tinting glasses. This reduces glare (which can cause eye strain, headaches and drowsiness) and heat gain (which may require turning up the air-conditioning, thus increasing energy use), while maintaining natural light.”

And the story goes on to say, “As smart as the windows are, they will eventually become even more functional, said Rao Mulpuri, the chief executive of View. He said windows would eventually be used like computer screens, displaying content and used for videoconferencing.”

According to View’s Vice President of Marketing Jeff Platón, their glass can be found in over 700 building projects including airports in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, Nashville and Boston, as well as schools, hospitals, conference centers, etc.

View, based in Milpitas, California, uses NHS Global Events on its annual summit as Jeff says, “To help with planning logistics and overall management. They have lots of experience and are very thorough, paying attention to every detail.

“They’re the perfect size for us. With bigger companies, we don’t get the service we need. With smaller ones, they don’t have the expertise we expect. Their team is very customer centric and we are customer obsessed, so it helps to have someone similarly obsessed with satisfying customers. It means you get a good partnership.

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