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Mia Lemel

Accounting Assistant

The dedication expert.

Mia earned her Associate of Liberal Arts degree from Oakton Community College and currently attends DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business as a junior majoring in Accountancy.

Mia’s greatest skills are managing stress, staying organized, and maintaining a strong determination to do everything to the best of her abilities. She always strives to project an outgoing and positive attitude and sets herself apart from the crowd through her willingness to try anything once and give it her all. Mia is passionate about learning and growing, and always embraces opportunities to venture out of her comfort zone.

Though Mia loves to stay busy, she always makes time for family, especially her siblings who lead busy lives of their own. She also loves to cook or bake and is often in search of a new book or documentary. When she has the time, she takes advantage of the plethora of events Chicago has to offer at any given time. In the warm weather, she likes swimming, biking, and fishing.

What’s your favorite past-time?

Cooking and baking. It can be pretty therapeutic at the end of the day to just put on a podcast or music and try to make something new, without distractions.

Do you have a pet? Name and what they are.

Yes, I have a 5-year-old black cat named Sammy. He’s the true definition of a scaredy-cat, but he makes up for it by being very cute.

Favorite city?


If you were to star in a TV show, which one?

Stranger Things, as one of the better-fated characters, hopefully.