You Say You Want A Resolution…

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You Say You Want A Resolution…

Quick show of hands, how many of you have already failed on living up to your New Year’s Resolution? Don’t worry, the other half responding to this question didn’t even make a resolution.

There is something to be said for not making one. says avoiding the resolution has merits, suggesting that you “enter the New Year in a mode of being absolutely present, and absolutely positive about how great it’s going to be. If you do this, and endeavor to maintain this approach, you’ll end up doing everything you’re supposed to as and when it’s supposed to be done.”

That laissez-faire approach scores massive points with the slackers amongst us.

But there is something to be said for using the start of a new year as a moment to take stock of what we’ve been able to accomplish and how we’ll attack the future. And with 2020, a time to look further ahead for charting a course through a new decade.

NHS Global Events Director of Global Accounts Jessica Perrozzi thinks choosing the right resolution will help you keep it this year. “Whether your resolution is to spend more time with family, cook healthier foods or think more strategically about your career, time is the common denominator. Everyone wants more of it to accomplish what they need to.”

NHS Global Events would like to be your trusted meetings and events partner to help support your goals in 2020 and beyond. And saving you time with site selection or on-site activities is the bare minimum of what we can do for you to find more time for all the important things in your life.

Resolve to spend a little time with NHS Global Events now to see how you can save time throughout the year and the decade.

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