What Harvey Taught Us About Swimming (with the Sharks)


What Harvey Taught Us About Swimming (with the Sharks)

In forming the culture of a business, you borrow and imitate from a number of sources. And create a bit on your own. The overriding philosophy at NHS Global Events might be a mix of what we picked up from Wonka Industries, Wayne Enterprises and Acme Corp. (with a nod to its best customer, Wile E. Coyote).

But we’ve also mixed in a big dose of the thoughts of Harvey Mackay, author of “Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.”

As Harvey himself put it, “As much as I love the [book] title unfortunately a lot of people thought I was advocating becoming a shark. Rather, my message then and now is to give people the tools to get along.”

It’s thoughts like the following that brought us around to his way of thinking:
“The sale begins when the customer says yes (customer service).”
“Writing personal notes yields positive results.”
“Agreements prevent disagreements.”
“Little things don’t mean a lot; they mean everything.”
“Practice makes perfect, not true.  You have to add one word:  Perfect practice makes perfect.”

“We’ve also learned that customizing our business to our clients’ needs is our secret sauce,” says NHS Global Events Executive Vice President Sean Lynch. “When you look under the hood, you’ll see that this is what differentiates us. For us, every client is unique and deserves customized, bespoke attention. We respect how companies do business and work to make sure we fit their own needs.”

Want to know more about what we learned from Harvey? We’re ready to tell you all about it.

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