NHS Global Events Is Turning 20!


NHS Global Events Is Turning 20!

“The year was 2000 and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to start a company that year so it would turn 20 in 2020,” said NHS Global Events CEO Bill Lynch at no point in his lifetime.

While the number thing is crazy fun, 20 years ago Bill thought that companies looking to hold meeting and events needed a hotel sales company that could answer all their questions in one place. (BTW, NHS = National Hotel Sales).

Jane Hough is currently Sales Coordinator at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ Chicago Worldwide Sales Office but was one of the first employees at NHS and remembers, “There were only three of us in the beginning. Our goal was to be the one stop shop for our clients, so they didn’t have to deal with any of the hotel negotiations. We gathered all the information from the hotels and sent it back to the clients.”

The company had to overcome typical business growing pains. And it was only 15 months old when 9/11 occurred. “We were able to survive, learn and grow from going through a time when the whole country was gripped with fear and trying to find its way forward,” Bill recalls.

NHS has moved from downtown Chicago to suburban Skokie, changed its name to NHS Global Events, added Bill’s brother Sean in 2003 and expanded from those original three employees to 28 today. The firm has grown into a full meeting management organization representing over 85 diverse clients.

“The thing that has remained consistent and continues to define us is that we are always focused on what our clients need and being a consistent and strong advocate for them.” Bill says.

Here’s to another score!

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