Mind If We Cut In? When Dance Partners Are Out Of Step


Mind If We Cut In? When Dance Partners Are Out Of Step


The British have a term for it: “like chalk and cheese.” It refers to things or people that are so very much the same, but ever so different. It’s a phrase that dates back to the 1300s.

But it also explains the conundrum that can occur when a meeting planner seems to be speaking a different language than a venue’s meeting service manager. Or the individuals have different work styles or schedules.

“When you’re faced with this situation, it feels like there’s nowhere to turn and the stress of planning your company’s major conference or event seems to be in peril,” NHS Global Events Executive Vice President Sean Lynch says. “You might not realize this, but this is another reason you hired us.”

We know that knee-deep into the planning process this mismatch of individuals can create the potential for additional pressure on meeting planners. But remember, we have spent years creating partnerships with hotels around the world.

And while you might be reticent to challenge a meeting service manager when there’s a problem because you know you’ll need them through the entire process, there is an answer. There’s always an answer.

“Let us know when this is happening,” says Sean. “We can discreetly and tactfully talk to the right people with the venue to get these things smoothed out. It might take a proper word from a supervisor or, in some cases, a change in personnel on your account. But in the end, you’re meeting success is so vital and we want to make sure you get the most from it. Let us know when you need us to serve as that intermediary.”

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