How We See 2020

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How We See 2020

Those 2020 New Year’s Eve specs that everyone in Time Square will be wearing this year are going to be pretty sweet. But they won’t provide the precise 20/20 vision that our chief prognosticator (and NHS Global Events Chief Executive Officer) Bill Lynch has when he looks into the future to get a sense of how the new year will unfold for our industry.

Rumor has it that Bill sequesters himself on the high peaks in Tibet or Machu Picchu for this task. But we’re pretty sure he just shuts the door to his office in Skokie, Illinois to get some forward-thinking clarity.

Whatever method he chooses, here’s what he sees for the hospitality industry in 2020.

First off, he gets pretty honest. “As we look to a new decade and trying to predict what will happen next, you realize how little you know, especially with the ambiguity of a Presidential race. Election years tend to have their own vibe!”

And yet he forges on. “From an industry standpoint the demand for travel and the desire for humans to meet and put buyers and sellers together is as important as ever. Our clients want to invest in their people who are life-long learners. What we’re not sure about is the discretionary meetings. Budgets are being scrutinized by many organizations. But those who can make best use of their time and technology will be at the top of their game.

“In North America, people are questioning the fees they’re getting charged from hotel and tech oligopolies. Some clients choose shorter meetings or second-tier cities that offer a lower price. They are being forced to find other answers and find companies who can do things better and smarter.

“Millennials and Gen Xers are the majority of the workforce and their styles and habits are becoming more powerful with the use of virtual technology and social media. The good organizations will embrace youth and feed off of what they have to teach us.”

With that, let the new year begin!

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