Big Changes At The Top Of NHS Global Events

bill and sean

Big Changes At The Top Of NHS Global Events

The rumors you heard are (mostly) true. There has been a massive shake up in the power structure at NHS Global Events (kinda). Changes that will provide long-lasting benefits to our clients and partners (definitely true).

While some news outlets have been reporting on more portentous stories, what has occurred at NHS Global Events is just a matter of adjusting titles to accurately reflect the roles of Bill and Sean Lynch. No big overthrow, nothing (much) to see here.

Except that Sean, whose previous title was Executive Vice President, becomes NHS Global Events President. And Bill’s title changes from President to CEO. That’s definitely worth noting.

Bill explains. “We want to add a strategic focus to the company and this allows me to spend more time on leadership and focus on the key issues to maintain our growth and support our stakeholders. To make that happen, Sean will be adding the business development area to his purview, which already included meeting operations, business operations and sourcing services. This move helps us be faster and more nimble and improve communications.”

Sean says, “We’re not title obsessed at NHS Global Events. Our ethos has always been more about making sure we have the right people in the right positions to serve our clients. This is about improving that service both now and in the future.”

Our core service values have not changed from two brothers who started their careers as caddies.

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