4 Must-Have Travel Apps

4 Must-Have Travel Apps

This post originally appeared on The Overnight Commute on March 31, 2016.

WhatsApp Messenger
Using your phone’s internet connection, this app is a must-have when traveling abroad.  Through this app, you can message, call, and even send and receive photos and videos to your friends, family, and colleagues while out of the country.

Avoid roaming charges by downloading CityMaps2Go before your international trip. Maps and guide content are stored directly onto your device so you don’t need an internet connection to access them. With this app, purchasing a guide book isn’t necessary, and it even allows you to keep track of your itinerary by saving places you plan to visit.

Streamline all of your travel details with the ease of a simple ‘forward’. Send all confirmation emails for your flight itineraries, hotel accommodations, restaurant reservations, etc. totrips@tripcase.com and within minutes, TripCase analyzes the data and creates one streamlined itinerary for each trip. Keep track of all of your frequent flyer information, flight updates, and changes all in one place.

My new favorite app for site tours. TrackMyTour allows you to create an online map of your travels and allows you to create ‘waypoints’ with notes, pictures, and location. Visiting 10 hotels in one day? Use TrackMyTour to follow your every step and take in-app notes and photos to help jog your memory later. Share effortlessly with colleagues back at the office through a link sent via email.

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